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Amusement Ride Accidents

practicearea1Karon Law, LLC has a national practice representing persons seriously injured in amusement ride accidents.  Each year thousands of people are injured in amusement ride accidents and many of these injuries could have been prevented if proper precautions had been taken to design, maintain, inspect and operate the rides.  Although there are widely accepted industry standards for the design, maintenance, inspection and operation of amusement rides, sometimes corners are cut.  Whether due to ignorance, indifference or greed, when proper precautions are not taken, the results can be catastrophic.  The tragedy is further compounded when the victim is a young child.   Regulation of amusement parks and go-kart tracks is left to the states, whose regulations and degree of oversight varies widely.  For example, Disney World in Florida is subject to different regulations than Disneyland in California.  Typically, state agencies are not provided with the manpower and resources to conduct the necessary inspections to ensure safety.  Rather, this responsibility falls to the ride operators themselves.  Similarly, although the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission has jurisdiction over mobile amusement rides, no federal agency has responsibility for the safety of fixed amusement rides.  This lack of oversight and regulation can allow an amusement ride accident to occur.

Jonathan Karon has successfully handled cases involving both fixed and mobile amusement rides.  These include cases involving an eight year old girl who was partially scalped due to a defective motor cover on  a Mini-Himalaya amusement ride, an eighteen year old woman who broke her neck due to a defective go kart seatbelt, a woman who suffered spinal injuries while taking her nephew and niece on a poorly maintained spinning Gravitron ride, and a young woman who was completely scalped due to an unguarded go kart axle.  At Karon Law, LLC you get the benefit of that experience.  You can retain a lawyer who is familiar with the applicable regulations and industry standards and who has worked with leading experts in amusement ride design, inspection and operation.

Parents have a right to expect that necessary precautions will be taken to make sure that amusement parks, carnivals, go kart tracks and water parks will be safe for their children.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Where needless injury has occurred, bringing a case can not only obtain important compensation, but can encourage safer practices.  If your child or someone you care about has been injured in an amusement ride accident, you should feel free to call, e-mail or schedule a meeting with Mr. Karon.


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